The subjects for my paintings are drawn from any number of sources: from imagination; from direct observation and experience; from man-made media and art history. In a world overflowing with still and moving images, nothing and everything is a worthwhile subject.


The starting points for my work originate in many different places and they all develop along the same set of processes. Although landscape is dominant in my ideas, I have developed an interest in the textures formed by the various methods of decay on materials, man-made and natural. A recurring theme in my work is rust with its multitude of colours and textures.


My knowledge of art history, combined with the experience in looking at artworks, is deep and therefore there are many influences prevalent in my work. However, I have always had a keen interest in the work of the Japanese woodblock printers of Ukiyo-e, the Floating World, the painters of the Renaissance, and twentieth century artists too numerous to mention.

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